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Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten
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Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

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The formal and theoretical principles of scientific research work play a largely underestimated role in academic education & and also in everyday business life. Particularly in the management setting, expert opinions have to be compiled from information that is independently gathered or researched, and the principles of proper scientific research need to be observed in the process. Preparing this kind of text requires not only an ability to formulate and define a research question and conduct targeted information research, but also specific skills in the writing process and in documenting the sources used. The aim here is to communicate these skills in a ?refresher= course, which serves as the basis for the book, in a way that offers rapid access to the information to both students and also specialists and managers involved in practical work.
Erscheinungsdatum3. März 2021
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

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