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Gehört werden: Neue Wege der Bürgerbeteiligung
Gehört werden: Neue Wege der Bürgerbeteiligung
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Rarely have citizens been as sceptical of politics and state institutions as they are today. Many people think politicians in particular are capable of doing anything & and they don=t trust them an inch. They regard the state as being in the hands of corporate lobbyists and elites, and believe their own interests are never taken into account. At the same time, there have probably never been so many opportunities available for people to participate in political processes. In Getting a Hearing, contributors from academia and practical work explore the causes of this contradictory development and describe the forms of participation available, ranging from local authorities to the level of the European Union. Do these serve only as a fig leaf to back up political and bureaucratic activity, or do they create genuine participation and thus open up opportunities to close the gap between citizens and the state, at least to some extent?
Erscheinungsdatum11. Mai 2022
Gehört werden: Neue Wege der Bürgerbeteiligung

Ortwin Renn

Ortwin Renn is scientific director at the International Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam (Germany). He serves as full professor for environmental sociology and technology assessment at the University of Stuttgart. He also directs the non-profit company DIALOGIK, a research institute for the investigation of communication and participation processes. Renn is Adjunct Professor for “Integrated Risk Analysis” at Stavanger University (Norway), Honorary Professor at the Technical University Munich and Affiliate Professor for “Risk Governance” at Beijing Normal University. His research interests include risk governance (analysis perception, communication), stakeholder and public involvement in environmental decision making, transformation processes in economics, politics and society and sustainable development.

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