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Klimawandel - Klimakrise - Klimakollaps
Klimawandel - Klimakrise - Klimakollaps
Klimawandel - Klimakrise - Klimakollaps
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Klimawandel - Klimakrise - Klimakollaps

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The existence of man-made climate change, with dramatic effects on nature and the environment, can no longer be seriously disputed. However, so far there has been little research on the profound societal and social dislocations caused by climate change. Consensus-based democracy seems to be unable to cope with the pressure to act resulting from the climate crisis. At the same time, despite all evidence, the climate crisis is being denied or downplayed in some parts of society. As a result, urgently needed climate protection measures are only being implemented slowly. The discrepancy between the urgency of the problem and the sluggishness of society in the face of it raises a number of important questions. Daniela Winkler has brought together experts from various disciplines, who explore these issues in a readable and well-founded manner from a variety of perspectives.
Erscheinungsdatum23. Juni 2021
Klimawandel - Klimakrise - Klimakollaps

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