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Change Management
Change Management
Change Management
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Change Management

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Many companies nowadays are working in a framework of social, economic, legal, ecological and technological conditions that are subject to increasing volatility, dynamism and complexity. Hypercompetitive environments are demanding constant adaptation not only of organizational structures and processes, but also of goals, strategies and business models. Introducing changes successfully in companies requires intensive engagement with the fundamental aspects of the transformations that are taking place. On the one hand, there are behaviour-oriented, staff-centred and cultural aspects - so-called "soft factors" - that mainly involve parts of the social-science and psychology disciplines. In contrast to that, there is a strict business-administration approach that focuses on optimizing values, renovation/restructuring, and turnaround. These aspects are summed up as the "hard factors" involved in change management. This volume mainly concentrates on tools and techniques for change management based on the business-administration approach, to provide readers with the equipment they need to face the issues that hard change management involves in everyday operational work.
Erscheinungsdatum13. Juni 2018
Change Management

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