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87 Minuten
17. Sept. 2020


Conni Biesalksi is one of the first names that comes to mind when speaking of digital nomads in Germany. She started her journey of a more self-determined life after quitting her job in a PR-agency and started her blog Planet Backpack which became the most successful travel blog in Germany. She also published a book called  "Digital, independent, free" and had everything a 9 to 5 employee would dream of - a lifestyle a lot of people are longing for but she fell into a deep mental "abyss" from where she started a new journey on that she inspired her followers by showing her feelings, even on the downsides of life, expressing her vulnerablity...

I talked with Conni about...
– how she made the leap into her new life
– what inspires her
– Spirituality and Breathwork
– her daily routines / rituals
– the process of writing
– her new book "Find your magic"
– how to make the leap into a more fullfilled life
– what the ocean means to her

and lots of more...


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17. Sept. 2020

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